Copywriter & Branding Strategist



By using the right words, a brand will attract the type of customers they need. Writing is an art and just like any other artistic endeavour, the more time you put in, the better you become. 

Hi, I’m Donald.

I specialize in writing content for brands that attract prospects. Content that is contextual to a specific audience, reflects the brand’s identity and tone. Well researched content will reflect the customer’s perspective. It builds credibility and trust. Content that is created from the customers’ perspective will deeply resonate with them and is in itself a call to action for the reader.

Since there is so much content out there, people are selective and will only pay attention to content that delivers the information they need in an exceptional way. Content has to be engaging and comprehensive for better SEO rankings.

Work with me. Let’s create content that your customers will love, relate to, and share. I am a versatile professional and can write different pieces of content for your brand.