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Email Marketing: Benefits of Drip Email Campaigns and Best Practices
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Email Marketing: Benefits of Drip Email Campaigns and Best Practices

Email marketing is when a business sends commercial emails to a group of people.

A brand can use email marketing for various reasons. Getting sales, donations, business opportunities, and advertising products are a few of them.

Email marketing is effective in achieving three main objectives in business:

  • Build brand loyalty
  • Build trust
  • Create brand awareness

Don’t believe the false information going around about email marketing being dead.

In fact, email marketing is one of the remaining marketing channels that are can build credible and authentic connections with real people who support the business.

More than two-thirds of customers in this case study made a purchase that was directly attributed to an email marketing message.

For businesses keen on acquiring new customers, email marketing is 40X more effective compared to Twitter and Facebook marketing.

This post will is mainly on email campaign best practices and why brands use drip email marketing campaigns in today’s competitive markets.

Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

Here, I’ll break down what email drip campaigns are, why they work so well for many brands, and how you can use them to engage leads when marketing your business.

An email marketing drip campaign is a set of specific prewritten marketing emails that are automatically sent on a schedule.

A simple email drip campaign is one where an email is sent when someone signs up. The second email is then sent out 3 days later and the last one sent out the next weekend.

They can also be automatically sent after certain conditions are met in the marketing funnel. “Triggers” are specific actions a perform takes on a marketing funnel.

A trigger can be signing up for your newsletters, making a purchase, or simply interacting with the page for a certain period of time. Some people also refer to them as behavioral emails.

Email Marketing Drip Campaign Best Practices

An email marketing campaign will ultimately be successful if a marketer has these guidelines and best practices in mind.

Your Email Marketing Newsletters Should be More Informative and Less Promotional

Even though your subscribers enjoy your content and look forward to your next piece of content, it’s only a matter of time before you become boring and uninteresting.

Brands should, therefore, focus on sending content that is relevant, timely, and informative to their email subscribers.

Your email marketing newsletters should be 90% informative and 10% promotional.

After providing consistent value to your subscribers, you can then promote a specific product, service, or brand by sending a complete promotional email.

Unleash Your Creativity When Writing Subject Lines

Brands don’t really have a guarantee that the emails they send will be opened by subscribers. Most people don’t even open every email that pops up in their inbox.

If a brand uses the same subject line over and over again, it gets old for the subscribers. It doesn’t give them an incentive to actually click and read that specific email immediately.

Writing a different subject line every time you send an email to your list is recommended. Every email subject line needs to be engaging and creative.

Effectively Segment Your Leads to Generate More Revenue

A business can effectively generate prospects, provide information for leads, and reward brand loyalty by using a drip-email campaign.

Email marketing allows marketers to precisely segment audiences based on different criteria. This means that the marketer will be able to reach the right people when promoting specific products or services.

Segmenting leads is also possible for marketers using content marketing.

You’ll also build trust with your subscribers by using segmented email drip campaigns that only send relevant emails to segmented audiences.

Sending the same campaign to all your subscribers might work but it won’t be as effective as segmenting your audience into different funnels and sending them relevant emails.

At a professional level, this seems more appropriate.

A drip email campaign also makes your campaigns feel more personalized. The email subscribers will be getting will be relevant and targeted which will ultimately increase engagement.

A brand will have higher email conversion rates and fewer unsubscribes when using drip email campaigns. Drip email campaigns can drive up to 18X more revenue for brands according to research.

Focus on the Customer Journey

Track the progress leads go through a sales funnel. Segment the leads then send drip emails that are relevant. This will increase engagement for your email campaigns.

When dealing with new prospects, a brand needs to focus on nurturing them with informative content that is valuable to them. The brand will then have an opportunity to promote a product or service successfully to the prospects.

For subscribers who are familiar with the brand, you can provide actionable content that can practically bring value to them. Emails such as product comparisons, product reviews, coupons and discounts on products, or free trials are just a few things you can offer them.

Write Emails that Will Engage and Convert

Craft emails that have value to the end consumer. The emails you should be concise and relevant.

Keep your paragraphs short. Writing huge paragraphs can intimidate readers using smaller devices like phones. Keeping your paragraphs short and use white space to make your content easy to look at.

The email content has to be kept short when nurturing new leads. They don’t know and trust you yet as an authority so they might not be willing to invest more time in your content.

Build rapport with your subscribers by sharing personal details. Sharing information that is not related to business will allow prospects to connect and relate to your brand. Stories of past business failures, funny perspectives, and inspiring stories will all achieve a lot for your brand.

Drip email marketing will be more effective for a brand that avoids marketing terms in their copy.

Email clients like Gmail and Outlook have spam filters that might send your messages to the Promotional folder if it has too much marketing language and terms.

Make your subject lines compelling. A compelling subject line will encourage more subscribers to open the email and consume the content in it.

Why Brands Use Drip Email Campaigns

Brands use drip email campaigns to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

Brands also find it easier and more effective to engage prospects and customers by using drip email campaigns.

Drip email campaigns that use triggers to send automated emails normally convert higher and get more responses.

Online stores use drip email campaigns when customers purchase products to show them how to effectively use the product.

If you have content that will be valuable to your subscribers and want to share it, you can do so by using a drip-email campaign. Set up a series of emails that will be sent daily to your subscribers.

Drip email campaigns generally start with a welcome series.

Having a welcome email is recommended as opposed to a normal email. They have over 50% open rates while normal emails only have 14% according to Experian’s report on welcome emails.

If a brand sends out an automated welcome email immediately someone signs up, the open rate is 83%.

Creating content that is relevant to your subscribers’ customer journey is a good idea. If you know exactly where a subscriber is on your sales cycle, you can create content that is meant to move them to the next step in the sales cycle.

For prospects, brands should provide emails that solve common objections they might have at different buyer stages.

For online stores dealing with customers, have a series of emails that have reviews for the product. These can be emails that show other customers successfully using the product.

For existing customers, you can use drip email marketing to share other relevant products that the customer might be interested in.

Drip Email Campaigns Nurture Leads

A drip email campaign can be used as a lead nurturing marketing funnel.

New leads may not be eager to purchase your products. At this stage, they are simply looking for more information on the brand and products. Having this information will enable leads to move to the next stage in the marketing funnel.

When nurturing new leads, a brand is able to clearly communicate the features and benefits of their products or services. A brand should also answer potential questions leads might be having while also addressing objections. The leads you finally end up with will be very eager to work with your brand.

Increase awareness for your brand by using drip email marketing campaigns. Your subscribers will always have the brand in mind if you consistently send relevant email series that have real value.

A prospect won’t hesitate to work with you when they are finally ready to get your products or services. Brands also get referrals from loyal subscribers who have connections to people and businesses that need your products or services.

Small brands that are just starting out can leverage drip marketing to build meaningful professional relationships that will be detrimental to their success in the long run.

Sending a series of valuable emails to your prospects gives them a chance to get to know your brand, like it, and trust it. This ultimately improves the chances that those needing your service or product will purchase from your brand when they are ready.

Drip Email Campaigns Re-engages Leads

Drip emails are effective when reaching out to unengaged leads.

A brand can send emails to subscribers whenever they feel like using automated drip campaigns. But not all subscribers will actively open and read these emails every time.

One option for re-engaging inactive subscribers is by creating a specific email drip marketing campaign for reaching out to them.

A common re-engagement campaign used by many brands is the “Hey, we miss you!” emails. Growing a brand takes time. You can use email drip marketing campaigns to promote your brand on other social media platforms and forums.

Some users will engage with a brand on one marketing channel but not on another. Having various marketing channels for your brand is therefore important. Your brand will ultimately get more prospects when using more than one marketing channel.

Use drip email campaigns to capture abandoned carts.

Some leads will get to your website, make an order, but abandon the cart before completing the order.

Offering them discounts might convince them to complete the order and make a purchase.

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