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How to Scale Online Lead Generation in 2020

B2b businesses that thrive in their respective industries generate a consistent stream of qualified leads.

Even though scaling the process of lead generation is necessary for growing a small b2b business, it’s not as easy as it sounds. 

A marketing funnel allows businesses to break down and understand the customer journey.

A marketing funnel comprises 5 crucial stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Brand loyalty
  • Advocacy and Recommendations

The funnel starts with an awareness stage where the prospect first learns about the business and the solutions it provides.

Prospects then move to the consideration stage where they compare unique businesses that can provide the solutions they seek. 

The prospect then decides on a business to work with on the conversion stage and if all goes well, the prospect becomes loyal to the brand.

Loyal customers are more than willing to recommend the brand to other people that need similar services, eventually.

A company that has a straightforward marketing funnel and buying process is 62% more likely to get high-quality leads.

Even though marketing funnels are sometimes over-hyped by digital marketers, they are still an effective marketing framework that converts highly for most brands.

Here are twelve strategies for b2b brands keen on scaling lead generation efforts in 2020.

Target the Right Audience

The very first step for b2b brands looking to attract more leads consistently is to identify their ideal customers. Look at the data already collected by the business.

From this data, the brand will easily know who your best clients are, where they spend time offline and offline, industry terms they frequently use, and what they consider valuable.

These key components will ultimately improve your lead generation strategies.

Create a Strong Social Media Presence

Every successful business had to first increase brand awareness in specific areas where customers spend most of their time.

Having an established social media presence is especially important for consumer-centric brands.

Brands that are not investing enough time in creating an online presence on social media platforms end up losing a lot of business opportunities. 

When a brand can communicate effectively with prospects on social media platforms, over 56% of these prospects willingly share their personal details.

They do this to get real-time offers and deals from the brands.

Amazon, Walmart, and Verizon are a few brands that properly communicate with their customers digitally who then willingly share personal details since they already trust the brands.

Run Promotions on Social Media Platforms

Creating an impressive social media presence for a new brand can be challenging.

One way of making it easier is by running social media advertisements.

Social media advertising is an affordable strategy for small brands that want high ROIs.

Not only that, but social media advertising also gives brands an opportunity to focus their targeting on specific audiences relevant to their products and services.

Before you run social media advertisements, find out which social media platforms your ideal customer is most likely to spend time on.

Leverage the Power of LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn looks and feels like a social media platform, it differs slightly from the rest since it’s mainly made up of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Every b2b business needs to have a powerful brand presence on LinkedIn.

Brands have a better chance of positioning themselves as authoritative sources and industry leaders by publishing valuable content on LinkedIn.

Publishing content on LinkedIn is just one part of the equation.

Brands also need to network with other professionals on the platform by commenting and sharing published content that applies to their connections.

Leverage Blogging Strategies

With enough investment of time, copywriting skills, and resources, you can establish a brand as an industry expert by blogging.

The blog posts should be informative, well-written, formatted, and relevant to your audience.

The best way to improve visibility for your website on Google and other major search engines is by publishing valuable content consistently. 

Blogs educate consumers while also increasing consumer trust in the brand.

Content marketing is an effective inbound marketing strategy that turns curious consumers into loyal brand activists with time. 

When you’ve already set up a blog with enough informative content, consider guest blogging on other websites in your niche. 

Keep Engaging With Existing Leads

Most brands use FAQs and other similar content formats to engage with existing leads.

Creating content that is personal will eventually drive more leads compared to content that engages leads indirectly.

Innovative brands also use other avenues to engage leads such as chats, help centers, and forums.

The most engaged leads are normally the ones that end up being loyal customers who refer more business opportunities to the brand.

Leverage Databases

Brands can also use different databases for finding more leads and information about the industry. is one of the top databases for b2b businesses.

It has an up-to-date list of companies all over the world, including accurate contact information.

Databases are great for businesses just starting out that want to find reliable leads.

Marketing Automation 

Effective marketing for a b2b brand involves many processes that take up a lot of time.

Brands that want to increase productivity should use marketing automation tools.

These tools also come with unique features that help teams collaborate such as organized data insights.

Using these tools appropriately will ensure a brand gets the best returns when running campaigns.

Personal Professional Networking

The world is getting more digital as time goes by. Personal connections are still necessary for many types of businesses.

Attending local, regional, and global networking events is an opportunity of meeting other business owners and professionals.

These meetings often result in lifelong friendships and partnerships.

Attending such events will eventually bring in more leads for your business.

Business Partnerships

An essential part of running a b2b business is forming alliances and partnerships.

Many other brands involved in your industry are not your direct competitors.

Seek these brands out and form mutual partnerships based on value exchange. For instance, a local bakery can form a partnership with a local coffee shop as long as they trust each other.

The two parties can then refer customers to each other, creating a win-win situation.

Leverage Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is a major source of leads for businesses that already have an online presence.

Personalized email newsletter campaigns, when properly segmented, will provide the brand with a steady stream of leads throughout the year.

Email marketing works for prospects in every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Aim to personalize your emails for prospects in the awareness stage, interest stage, and purchasing stage.

Provide Value for Free

A brand will easily prove that their mission is to provide value to the market by offering the customers a free download or software.

Creating a free product will cost the company time and resources.

But it will be a one-time project which will lead to many other opportunities down the road. When prospects use the free version of your product and like it, they will be more willing to become customers and try out the full version.


Both established and upcoming brands still rely on word of mouth as a consistent source of leads. On the internet, we see word of mouth as online reviews.

Brands can also set up a referral program where customers get rewards for promoting the brand.

Influencer Marketing

Only a small percentage of brands today have embraced influencer marketing. Even though it has been around for a brief time, brands still haven’t realized how great it works for marketing in different buyer stages.

Getting a sponsored post from an influencer with a sizable following will bring immediate results and long-term results. Just make sure you hire an influencer with the right audience for your product.

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